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Почтовый индекс: 318050
Use powerful MOS switchs and adrranced inrrerter control technology.
Use PWM control technology and Constant Current (CC) oulput control, welding current can be exactly controlled. Continuous adjustment on welding current in large scale.
Excellent arc characteristics, Stable arc, good welding performance and high quality. With anti-stick,hot start,arc force,strong compensation capability.
Minimizing,lightness,it can be moved easily,high quality and energy sarrings up to 30%.
With Auto protection functions of over-current and over-heating.
Be able to weld all kf nds of metal,for example carbon steel,alloy steel, cast iron as well as stainless steel etc.
With complete accessories:
Cutting torch, earth clamp,Cutting cable,carton box,etc.

Technical Parameters CUT/LGK-20 CUT/LGK-30 CUT/LGK-40
Rated supply voltage   220/230V±15%,AC,Single-phase
supply frequency Hz 50/60
rated input capacity KVA 2.6 3.5 4.8
rated supply current A 12 14 20
no-load voltage V 230
welding current range A 10~20 15~30 10~40
rated welding current A 20 30 40
rated welding voltage V 90 92 96
rated duty cycle-x % 60 60 60
efficiency % 85
power factor cosφ 0.90
cutting thrckness mm 0.2~4 0.2~6 0.2~8
air flow m3/min 0.17 0.17 0,17
degrees of protection IP code IP 21S
class of insulation   H
weight kg 8.5 8.6 8.7
dimensions mm 371×155×295

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